Sunday, May 28, 2006
  Nikki: Airborn (April 1, 2006: Part I)


Our current location is obscured by the clouds below.  Just as I cannot see where we are neither can those below see us or know we are even passing over.

Japan, and all that it would hold for me, was also obscured by the veil of time.  Soon all blurry fears would be focused away and dreamy, romanticized landscapes and people would soon become a reality.

When the wheels of this 757 left the ground, my eyes had already closed for a momentary nap.  It could not have lasted more than a few minutes.

I was awakened by the voice of the flight attendant taking breakfast orders.

I have to admit that being in 1st class to Dallas and then Business class to Tokyo is certainly going to be a benefit!

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[A "nikki" is a journal.  I will be posting excerpts from the journal I kept while on this two week trip to Japan.  Occasionally, I will insert my current reflections, marked in italics, among the journal selections.]

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