Sunday, August 19, 2007
  Back and There Again...

Funny. It's been almost 1 year to the day since my last post...but it's been some 34 years since I was here in the United Kingdom.

After one of the longest and arduous trips in my short life, I finally made it to the hotel in Bromsgrove, UK, at about 10 am local time. That would be 5 am ET.

Considering that I left my house on 8/17 at 10 am ET...that's a long trip just to get across the pond. I am writing up the details of how one thunderstorm wreaked havoc upon me. Stay tuned for that one. Oh and stay tuned for the tale of me driving on the left side...with a stickshift...with Neverlost politely giving directions...and roundabouts. No tourist should be subject to that all at once. Somehow I made it without far.

Sorry for no picture, as I neglected to pack a means of transferring my shots to my laptop. Just think of Sacramento in the winter with a storm rolling through...and you'll know what it's like here! It's some 14 degrees/ 57 degrees F...and its Summer. I tried to go for a stroll to take some shots but the rain and wind was a little too cold to be galavanting around I came back to the hotel to warm up.

I recently found out that this general area (of Birmingham) is where J R R Tolkien grew I hope to get around to visiting a few sites. But as of tomorrow AM...its to business.

Hopefully, I'll get some means of getting my pix onto my latop, so future posts will have at least one picture.

Until later on...


[A "nikki" is a journal.  I will be posting excerpts from the journal I kept while on this two week trip to Japan.  Occasionally, I will insert my current reflections, marked in italics, among the journal selections.]

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